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Taxation Services

Not sure whether you must submit an Income Tax Return (ITR12), VAT 201, EMP 201? Contact us for all your tax related issues

Internal Auditing Services

We internal auditing services to assure that internal controls are in place and operate effectively throughout the organisation that we are involved with.

Financial Management Services

We offer our customers comprehensive innovative financial management expertise and support services

Tax Consultation services

We are experts in all areas of SARS taxes, we cover various tax consultation services for small to medium size businesses

Company Registration Services

We offer all the services pertaining to company registration, change of company names, additional directors, new company registrations, NGO registrations including BBBEE certificates

Financial Advisory Services

The services that we offer are both proactive and reactive, you are welcome to contact us for all your financial advisory services

Financial Analysis Services

We will assist in analysing your monthly financial data

Financial Investment Services

Are you planning to invest financial? We are at your services, we offer all our clients free financial investment services

Business Advisory Services

Are you planning to merge, form a joint venture or perhaps you are planning to expand your business beyond the borders, we are available to assist all the way through.

Forensic Accounting Services

We offer comprehensive forensic accounting services to all our clients. We know you need to know the facts immediately. If there is a problem, you need a speedy explanation and a credible plan to fix it.Our team of financial analysts are here at your service.

About Us

We are team of qualified and experienced accounting, bookkeeping and tax professionals committed to providing unique accounting services across South Africa.

Our core values  include;


Our company aims to deliver high quality global accounting services.


We are committed to our global accreditations and compliance programme which includes:
ISO27001, an Information Security standard
Business Continuity Measures (BCM)
SARS Statutory Compliance with local rules and regulations
Robust risk management framework.


We are indeed a professional company, we draw on our wealth of experience in South African tax administration to minimize our clients’ risks and save them money.
The synergy of our accountants’ cumulative practical experience in working with the tax authorities, combined with our tax lawyers’ fundamental knowledge of the law, makes our tax advisory services incomparable.


Today, our management has the top expertise needed to build a world-class company.
Having successfully worked with the South African tax system for more than 13 years, we can proudly say that we are among the best tax service providers in South Africa.
Don't hesitate to contact us – we are here for you

Accounting Services


We set up, manage and report on every aspect of your monthly financial management requirement, bookkeeping services - monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually, accounting services , annual financial statements, independently reviewed or audited and internal audit services.

Our Accounting Services include;

Compliance to Standards

We pride ourselves in converting accounts to comply with the local regulations, International management reporting, tailored to your individual requirements, in dual currency format and meeting the relevant local accounting standards (including IFRS/IAS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, and any other GAAP).

Financial Reporting

Our reporting is a clear, visual and automated financial reporting tool for top-level managers who need to be aware of their company’s financial situation in real-time

Group reporting

We will build, optimize and keep track of your reporting standards together with you.


We offer advice on all aspects of your business’s lifecycle. Our core competence lies in achieving better results through strong financial control and management.

Financial control and management

We are here to help you set up and manage your financial system. In most cases, we begin our analysis by mapping your current financial processes.

Taxation Services


We do Vat registration, Tax Services, Custom registration, Tax returns, PAYE, UIF,SDL registration. We resolve the complex tax problems and offer several tax services such as monthly payroll tax return submission, EMP201 and  VAT 201.

Our tax advisory services in  include;


We advise and represent taxpayers during tax audits and other types of tax inspections.


We assist and advise our clients in cases of tax litigation and disputes with the SARS tax authorities – when there are unwarranted tax claims.


We help our clients to identify overpaid taxes and obtain refunds or tax credits, and we defend their interests in dealing with the SARS tax authorities. We defend taxpayers’ interests in disputes over refunds of VAT and other taxes.


We assist clients with tax optimization and tax planning, and we structure investments and M&A transactions as well as cross-border transactions for international companies.


We provide tax-filing and tax-registration services and file personal tax returns.

Payroll Services

img1 We offer payroll services including automatic tax calculations, payment and filing, new employee reporting, direct deposit, contractor payments, payroll reports and employee lifetime account. Our system also integrates with accounting software, time and attendance solutions and human resources systems.

Our payroll and HR management services include;


Our payroll services include payroll data processing for calculating salary and other payments to employees.


We offer the full range of payroll and HR management services. Our know-how is at your disposal, to help you organise, manage and develop your human resources.

HR Management

Our HR management, recruitment and staff development services are designed for all business sectors and companies of all sizes.

Travel and expense claims

We can ease the everyday life of your organisation when it’s on the move.

Work shift planning

We can help you with work shift planning. Proper work shift planning will help to raise your service level and profitability.

Welcome to Triumphant Financial Advisory Services, we are passionate about ensuring that your accounting requirements are handled professionally and stay up to standard. We are flexible in our accounting solutions and can be contracted in on a project basis to reconcile your accounts on a short-term arrangement or a fixed monthly billing.

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